Hi, I’m Chris Han.

I’m a software developer, currently working for Epic in Madison, Wisconsin, developing electronic medical records.

I was originally born and raised in New Jersey, and went to school at George Washington University in Washington, DC.

My degree is in Computer Science, but my fascination with creating software started long before that. In elementary school, I went to an after-school program on computers, which back then, meant having kids sit around and play educational computer games. When I finished the games and told the teacher I was bored and had run out of games, I was given the manual for QuickBASIC and told, “play with this.”

There was no going back.

I learned and developed as much as I could in many different programming languages, from operating system kernels to fat software applications to web applications to video games.

When I’m not developing software, I enjoy movies and anime, learning and playing musical instruments, video games, and dancing.